Kampala (Mutongo), Uganda

Under the leadership of Minister Esther and Minister Stephen our Mutongo congregation officially launched in April 2018 when Apostle Todd Cataldo and his wife, Ruth visited. Starting as a house church, the congregation quickly grew and draws from the surrounding area.

Wudu, South Sudan

Pastor Alex Sokiri began his affiliation with NNCI in 2008, when Pastor Alex Sokiri was commissioned by Apostle Todd Cataldo, following a pastors conference at our Kampala congregation. Pastor Alex returned to his home town Wudu, in what is now South Sudan from Uganda. His goal was to launch a New Nation Church International congregation in Wudu, South Sudan.  Pastor Alex went with a small stack of Bibles, donated clothes and some local drums and he preached under a mango tree to the local community.  The church continued to meet under the mango tree until a local land owner allowed the new church to use his property until we could buy our own.  We now own land where the church meets in local style buildings that house church services, offices, nursery and primary schools. This congregation has grown to become one of the largest churches in the area.

Massinde, Uganda

In 2009 a member of our Kampala congregation donated land in Massinde for the launching of a future church, currently there is no building on the land but regular services are held there for over 100 people.  In the meantime the local pastor has established a community garden on the land to help feed the needy in the community.

Mondikolok, South Sudan

Our congregation in Mondikolok was launched in 2010. About 300 people from Mondikolok would make the journey each Sunday for church services at our neighboring Wudu congregation. Reverend Kimberly Wallace had been sent by the NNCI Board of Apostles to consult with the leadership of New Nation Church – South Sudan; while there she was approached by the Elders of Mondikolok and asked to help launch a new congregation in their town.  She and the Board of Apostles agreed to do this and she donated funds to buy land in Mondikolok that this congregation now calls home.

Juba-Rock City, South Sudan

In 2012, Pastor Alex Sokiri temporarily relocated from Wudu to Juba (the capital of South Sudan), while there he continued to preach the Gospel and was approached by a local land owner who invited him to use her property to hold services. As this congregation continues to get established, Pastor Wani Moses is now the leading the congregation as Pastor Alex has returned to Wudu. Due to the out-break of fighting in the area, many of the members of the church fled the area. In 2016, the land owner has decided to sell the land that the congregation had been meeting on, and they are currently searching for a new location.


New Nation Church: Africa

As New Nation Church International continues to labor to bring our God-given vision into reality, we will see our church in Africa organized into the following regions:

New Nation Church of South Sudan


New Nation Church, Juba







New Nation Congregations in Morobi Refugee Camp

Please note that other than our Juba congregation, all other of the South Sudanese congregations are in refugee camps in northern Uganda. There are 9 congregations in various parts of Morobi camp

New Nation Church, Imvepi

Our newest congregation officially launches in the Imvepi area near the town of Arua on Easter Sunday 2019!

New Nation Church of Uganda


New Nation Church, Kampala-Mutungo

Asia is the largest continent with greatest diversity of people groups, cultures and religious beliefs. It is Asia that Jesus Christ was born and Christianity first began. Asia is the 

continent which is also home to the smallest percentages of Christians.


New Nation Church of India


New Nation Church, Tallada (Khammam District, Telangana State)



New Nation Church, Adavimoddula Palli (Koya Tribal Town, Khammam District, Telangana State)



New Nation Church, Enkoor (Khammam District, Telangana State)


New Nation Chuch, Julurpadu (Khammam District, Telangana State)


New Nation church, Gollapudi (Khammam District, Telangana State)


New Nation Church, Somullagadda (Khammam District, Telangana State)



As our apostolic leaders have visited prayed over most of the nations in Europe, we believe that many of these nations are ready for revival and we are beginning to see early signs of revival beginning there. Please join us in prayer as we desire to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully over Europe!


New Nation Church of the United Kingdom


New Nation Church, Shrewsbury

This is a brand new congregation launching in 2020.

North America Map Many people around the world think that North America is 100% Christian, however, the people of North America desperately need to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ like no other time in history since the Great Awakening.


New Nation Church of the United States of America


New Nation Church, Concord, California

educationEducation is highly valued by New Nation Church International. We offer a variety of educational opportunities ranging from New Nation Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and adult education opportunities.