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New Nation CHurch, Juba

In 2012, Pastor Alex Sokiri temporarily relocated from Wudu in Kajo-Keji state to Juba (the capital of South Sudan), while there he continued to preach the Gospel and was approached by a local landowner who invited him to use her property to hold services. As this congregation continued to get established, Pastor Wani Moses is now the leading the congregation as Pastor Alex has returned to Wudu.

Due to the outbreak of the Civil War at the end of 2013, many of the members of the church fled the area, moving south in the country. In 2016, the landowner also decided to sell the land that the congregation had been meeting on.

Now that peace has been agreed in South Sudan, in 2020, Pastor Alex spent time back in Juba reestablishing the congregation there and was able to do significant outreach in the city in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, to not only grow the church but to teach good hygiene practices in the city.


New Nation CHurch, Wudu


Apostle Alex Sokiri began his affiliation with NNCI in 2008, when he was commissioned by Apostle Todd Cataldo, following a Pastor's Conference at our Kampala congregation. Pastor Alex returned to his home town Wudu, South Sudan after living many years in Uganda due to the Civil War. His goal was to launch a New Nation Church International congregation in Wudu, South Sudan.  Apostle Alex went with a small stack of Bibles, donated clothes and some local drums and he preached under a mango tree to the local community.  The church continued to meet under the mango tree until a local landowner allowed the new church to use his property until we could buy our own.  We now own land where the church meets in local style buildings that house church services, offices, nursery and primary schools. This congregation has grown to become one of the largest churches in the area.

Most of the members of this congregation also fled South Sudan in 2016 into neighbouring Uganda and lived on the Morobi Refugee Camp. The congregation continued to meet and grow during this very difficult time.

Recently, some members of the congregation have returned to Wudu and are rebuilding the church and local community and awaiting the return of the whole community back to South Sudan. Minister Kiya Willis has recently been ordained as the new Lead Minister of the Wudu congregation.

New Nation CHurch, Mondikolok

Our congregation in Mondikolok was launched in 2010. About 300 people from Mondikolok would make the journey each Sunday for church services at our neighbouring Wudu congregation. Reverend Kimberly Wallace had been sent by the NNCI Board of Apostles to consult with the leadership of New Nation Church – South Sudan; while there she was approached by the Elders of Mondikolok and asked to help launch a new congregation in their town.  She and the Board of Apostles agreed to do this and she donated funds to buy land in Mondikolok that this congregation now calls home.

This congregation fled South Sudan in 2016 to Morobi Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda. They quickly reestablished the congregation in their new home and offered a great deal of support, care and love to each other during this very difficult period. Some members of the congregation have recently returned to Mondikolok, South Sudan and are rebuilding the church and the neighbouring community. Edward Lokose Elisama is the Lead Minister of the Mondikolok congregation.


New Nation CHurch,

Morobi refugee camp

In 2016, due to the severe effects of the Civil War in South Sudan, most of the members of the congregations in South Sudan fled the country into Northern Uganda. They were given land to establish a home on the Morobi Refugee Camp. They quickly established smaller communities who could help support each other, with nine congregations forming across the entire refugee camp (which is one of the largest in the world).

Over the 4 years of living in the camp, each of the congregations has grown and thrived in spite of some of the most challenging situations. They have continued to support each other as well as the wider community on the camp thanks to the tireless work of Apostle Alex Sokiri and his wife, Harriet and the other Senior Pastors who lovingly and selflessly provide for their congregations.

Recently, some of the congregation have made the move back to South Sudan and are in the process of rebuilding and reestablishing churches and communities as they begin to rebuild their lives. These new congregations are located in Lainya, Morobo, Nimule, Yambio and Yei.