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Following Apostle Alex Sokiri's return to his homeland Wudu in Southern Sudan (at this point South Sudan had not become an independent nation), he was able to rent land and begin to build a community for returning refugees following years of civil war.

He started to build a simple church structure and quickly realised there was a great need for a school. Some of the first people to return to Southern Sudan were trained educators and school administrators who were then able to teach and manage the day-to-day running of the school.

As peace continued to be established in Southern Sudan, thousands of people returned to the area every day. The school grew exponentially with hundreds of students meeting in very small buildings with very limited resources and teachers.


The following year, the school relocated to church-owned land across town and more permanent and suitable structures were built, although resources were still very limited.


In 2016, as the civil war in South Sudan became too dangerous, most of the residents of Wudu fled into Northern Uganda and they were given land on the Morobi Refugee Camp.

As soon as the school teachers and administrators were able, they were given land adjacent to the refugee camp and were able to establish a school.

With just a few structures, made of logs and tarpaulin, hundreds of students attend school every day, many of which receive all their education under the shade of thr trees


Despite harsh conditions, education has always been paramount due to passion and dedication of the teachers, administrators and students.

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