New Nation church: Europe

Our apostolic leaders have visited and prayed over most of the nations in Europe on a trip in 2010. We believe that many of these nations are ready for a revival and we are beginning to see early signs of revival beginning there.

Please join us in prayer as we desire to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully over Europe!

New Nation Church

of England

New Nation CHurch, shrewsbury

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On 1st January 2014, on a visit to Shrewsbury, Todd Cataldo and his wife, Ruth, each independently heard from God that there would be a New Nation Church in Shrewsbury sometime in the future. Ruth had grown up in Shrewsbury and still had family in the area but had never expected God to speak about there being a New Nation Church there. Fast forward a few years and God opened the door for a ministry position at an Anglican Church in Shrewsbury. Todd was appointed in Summer 2017 and he and Ruth relocated from California to Shrewsbury.

Over the next three years, God continued to speak about New Nation Church Shrewsbury and in November 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, New Nation Church Shrewsbury was launched online (as meeting in person was not permitted during this time). This is the newest congregation in the NNCI family and we are seeing God move in amazing ways through the congregation and we are excited to see what He does in the coming days.