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New Nation church of Asia

New Nation Church of India

In May of 2014, Pastor Kanna Babu Mothe emailed New Nation Church International, expressing interest in being affiliated with NNCI. Since our founding, we have received many contacts every week from people, churches, and ministries expressing interest in some type of affiliation with us. Very, very few people complete the questionnaire and the required documents for us to review and prayerfully consider this; those few who do rarely show much grounding in Jesus Christ or the Bible. Pastor Kanna stood out in his clear understanding of and ability to clearly communicate Biblical Christianity. After a good number of live video interviews and conversations, Pastor Kanna and Apostle Todd developed a warm friendship, and it was time for Apostle Todd to go in person to meet Pastor Kanna and witness the ministry that he and his family had already established in India. In the spring of 2015, Apostle Todd, later joined by his wife Ruth, were easily able to confirm that Pastor Kanna and the ministry that he lead in the Telangana State of India would be a welcome addition to the New Nation Church International family. Working together, the ministry has grown and New Nation Church of India now has 15 congregations in the Rural Khammam District of Telangana State and the bordering Andra Pradesh State.

The National Director for New Nation Church of India is Evangelist & Pastor Kanna Babu Mothe who is married to wife Keerthi. They have two beautiful children: daughter Ruth and a newly born son who will be named when he reaches 6 months old as is their tradition. Pastor Kanna’s parents, brother Ajay and the rest of his family engage in the life of the ministry quite actively along with the other pastors, elders, and deacons/deaconesses of our congregations in India.

New Nation Church of India is headquartered at the original congregation in Tallada (also spelled Thallada), is a mandal with some 73,000 people in the Rural Khammam District of the Telangana State of India. The primary village is also called Tallada with a population of about 15,000. The main language spoken there is Telugu. The region’s economy is primarily based on agriculture.

New Nation CHurch, Tallada


New Nation Church, Tallada is the first congregation in India with approximately 150 worshippers under the leadership of Pastor Kanna Babu, along with other members of the team who join in preaching, teaching, prayer ministry, pastoral care, baptisms, Bible distribution, feeding and clothing the poor, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet come to faith. Tallada hosts the headquarters on New Nation Church of India. We have been blessed to be able to purchase the land, church hall, and minister's house in Tallada which gives us a reliable location to use as we reach out to the people of the Khammam District and beyond.

New Nation CHurch, Somulagadda

New Nation Church, Somulagadda is the second congregation in terms of its founding date and includes approximately 70 worshippers, having doubled since the COVID-19 outbreak. As this town very near Tallada, they share the same leadership team.

Currently (September 2022) the congregation's rented property has changed ownership and the new owner has given the church until the end of th month buy the land before he puts on the open market. We are hopeful that fundraising efforts will be fruitful!


New Nation CHurch, Enkoor


New Nation Church, Enkoor is also very near Tallada and shares the same leadership team. This congregation has been a house church until February or 2021, when they purchased a building with land to expand. As a house church, there were approximately 25 worshippers, however, over 600 people from the town of Enkoor joined the celebration of the dedication of the new church building and we are hopeful that many will begin to join in the life of the congregation. An evangelistic outreach in August 2022 saw 19 people here come to faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

New Nation CHurch, Julurpadu

New Nation Church, Julurpadu is located in the village of the same name in the Bhadradi Kothagudem District of Telangana. The Mandal where it is located in also called Julurpadu and has about 40,000 residents.


New Nation CHurch,

among the forest people tribe


New Nation Church in a Forest People Village is a congregation amongst an unnamed tribal people who live in the forests of Telangana State to the northeast of Tallada. The people are sometimes called ‘the nameless ones’ due to the fact that the oppressive caste system of India considers these gentle people to be so low that they are too low to be in a caste and therefore not worthy of a name or identity. Many Hindu people do not even consider them to be human beings, but we are blessed to call these people brothers and sisters in Christ. A majority of the people in this village worship as part of New Nation Church International.  

New Nation CHurch, Adavimoddula Pali (koya tribal village)

New Nation Church, Adavimoddulapalli is led by Pastor Nagaraj. There are approximately 28 worshippers in the congregation and about 3,500 people in this village in Telangana State this is a Koya Tribal village.


New Nation CHurch, Garlavaddu


New Nation Church, Garlavaddu is a small congregation in Telangana State under the leadership of Pastor Ajay who is recently widowed when his young wife succumbed to a brain disease that she had been struggling with for many years. There are approximately 10 worshippers each week.

New Nation CHurch, Gollapudi

New Nation Church, Gollapudi is a town that is on both sides of the border between Andra Pradesh and Telangana states and is home to about 3,000 people.


New Nation CHurch, Vinobhanagar


New Nation Church, Vinobhanagar, under the leadership of Pastor Ravi, it is home to approximately 15 worshippers in Telangana State.  

New Nation CHurch, Korukonda

New Nation Church, Korukonda is led by Pastor Das. This is both a town and a mandal in Khammam district of Telangana. There are approximately 60 worshippers in the congregation and about 100,000 people live throughout the mandal.


New Nation CHurch, Anjanapuram


New Nation Church, Anjanapuram is led by Pastor John. The village Anjanapuram is the largest in the Enkoor Mandal of Khammam District in Telangana State with about 9,000 residents. About a dozen people worship in the congregation.

New Nation CHurch, Patimidagumpu

New Nation Church, Patimidagumpu is led by Pastor Maridas. There are approximately 20 worshippers in the congregation in this village in Telangana State.


New Nation Church:

Andra Pradesh State

New Nation CHurch, polasanipalli 


New Nation Church, Polasanipalli is led by Pastor Rangarao. There are approximately 20 worshippers in the congregation and about 5,000 people in this village in West Godavari District in Andra Pradesh State. In recent years, radical Hindus destroyed our church building while it was still being constructed. We are praying for a day to come soon where we can rebuild without threat of attack by these extremists.

New Nation CHurch, Bimadolu

New Nation Church, Bimadolu is in the village of Bhimadole, in the mandal of the same name in West Godavari District of Andra Pradesh. The village is an important transportation center and home to about 15,000 people.  Pastor Timothy leads this congregation of about 16 worshippers.


New Nation CHurch, krishnapuram


New Nation Church, Krishnapuram is the newest congregational plant in India, beginning in early 2021 as a house church in the village of about 4,000 people in Andra Pradesh state. We are praying that the Lord will increase this brand new gathering of His saints in the months and years ahead.

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