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Refugee Redeemers

This ministry of New Nation Church International began in our efforts to launch our first congregation in South Sudan before it was its own nation.  New Nation Church, South Sudan pioneer and National Director Alex Sokiri had himself been a child refugee of war, having fled his native town of Wudu, South Sudan, he settled in neighbouring Uganda where he received his education and lived until he was 21 years old. Pastor Alex was commissioned by Apostle Todd Cataldo, to preach the Gospel back home in South Sudan.  Pastor Alex was sent with just enough money to get him there, a stack of Bibles and a suitcase full of donated clothes to give out to people in need.


It was the donated clothes that sparked the launch of Refugee Redeemers. Since then we have sent hundreds of boxes of clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, hygiene supplies and first aid supplies to help with the resettlement of former refugees in South Sudan.

In Autumn 2016, we were able to supply Uzima portable clean water filtration systems to various locations in Uganda and South Sudan through money raised by local churches in California. Many of these systems were transported to the refugee camps when our congregations in South Sudan had to flee and are still being used today.

In recent years, the need of Refugee Redeemers has grown exponentially, as once again South Sudan has faced Civil War and residents had to flee into neighbouring Uganda. During this time we have been able to support our congregations by arranging for food, medical and hygiene supplies as well as feminine hygiene kits. We have also supported some students in further education and provided building materials for housing and church buildings, as well as supplying Apostle Alex with a motorcycle to facilitate his transportation between the various congregations and schools on the vast refugee camp.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Refugee Redeemers supplied health and hygiene products to Apostle Alex, who with a team of volunteers, distributed them and gave safe hygiene education to the recipients around Juba, the capital of South Sudan. He also set up hand sanitation stations in the local community near the church property.


We know that this ministry is called to continue to grow worldwide to share the love and compassion of the people of Christ to those whose lives have been devastated by war, famine, natural, man-made and economic disasters.


If you would like to donate to Refugee Redeemers please use the online giving form below:

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