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The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand…

We’re uniting people of every nation, tribe, and tongue to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.


We are committed to making disciples of people of all nations…baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit and to teach them to observe all of the things that Jesus commanded.


From its formation, NNCI focused on a specific continent each year that God was highlighting to the Apostolic Leadership Team.

As we go, we preach the Gospel to the lost and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ; healing the sick and broken-hearted…proclaiming freedom and liberty to the captives…and bringing encouragement to the local body of believers.


We encourage you to prayerfully consider joining New Nation Church on one of our international and local missions or to partner with us in your time, talents, and resources.


Come change the World with us!
Proclaiming the Way, the Truth, and the Life

UganDA & South Sudanese

Refugee camps 2018


In 2018 Ministers Todd and Ruth Cataldo went to visit the people and leaders of New Nation Church of South Sudan, New Nation Church of Uganda, and Mission for Christ Church in Luwero, Uganda.


At the very end of 2013 civil war broke out in South Sudan not long after they had gained their independence from Sudan and became the newest nation in the world. This was a heart-breaking and devastating turn of events as former independence leaders from many different militias and tribes attempted but failed to form a unified government and infighting amongst these men of war lead to great suffering and loss of many lives of the people that they had previously fought to free from the attacks and attempted genocide waged against them by the Sudanese people to the north. As a result of this new civil war, countless South Sudanese people once again fled their homeland to the safety of neighboring countries. The vast majority of our Nation Church of South Sudan family fled south to Uganda where they were allowed to temporarily settle on refugee camps in the north. The refugees were given a log or two, a tarp, a few very basic rations and supplies and assigned a plot land to set-up a homestead and begin to plant crops to supply their own food, as the food rations provided were very limited. Many families were separated as with most families who fled, the women and children were sent ahead while the men tried to gather up as many of the family belongings as they could, but upon arrival at the camps were not united with their own families or assisted to locate them. Most of our church family organized in advance a travelled together in groups so that they could stay together.

The ingenuity of the South Sudanese people in the Morobi Refugee Camp was amazing. Entire villages had been established. What had been five New Nation Church of South Sudan congregations became seven on the refugee camps, and New Nation Nursery and Primary Schools also were able to continue operations with land that had been offered free of use by a man who owned land immediately adjacent to one of the camps. The refugees include farmers, teachers, doctors, nurses, attorneys, people of all ages, abilities, and education levels.


We enjoyed being able to pray with, teach, preach, prophesy, witness people being healed of injuries, aches and pains, people set free from demonic influence, sharing the gospel with word and deeds, but most of all spending time with one another and witnessing the amazing way that Holy Spirit was working through New Nation Church of South Sudan despite their terrible circumstances.        

We also administered ordination examinations for many, many people who desired to become ordained ministers of New Nation Church International. Our examination and selection process is rigorous and most of those taking the exam were not selected, however, 13 new ministers were selected in addition to our very first South Sudanese minister, Pastor Alex Sokiri, who is the National Director of New Nation Church of South Sudan. We had a wonderful ordination ceremony and celebration to close out our time with our church family in South Sudan before Ministers Todd & Ruth Cataldo and Alex & Harriet Sokiri with their young son Josiah travelled together to begin the next part of our ministry time in Uganda. 

Our team spent a couple of days with a friend Pastor Pidson Tashobya, his wife Mercy and their four children at their church Mission 4 Christ Church in Luwero. Todd had met Pidson on his very first trip to Uganda, long before Pidson had become a pastor, and always held him in high regard. It was a blessing for each of to be able to minister at Mission 4 Christ Church and see how the Lord was working through this amazing family. 


We continued our journey on to the Mutungo District of Kampala where we stayed at the home of Etheldreda (Esther) Yatuha and her children Sandra and Simon. Esther had previously been the administrator of New Nation Church, Kampala who kept a watchful eye out when the previous pastor there began to get corrupted by sin and would not repent. When that pastor stole the property that rightfully belongs to New Nation Church International, Esther kept meeting with a faithful few in her home and completed Bible College with College for Global Deployment and she began to train a few others with what she was learning. We administered ordination examinations to three candidates there, with Esther as well as Steven Ntale who were ordained as Ministers of New Nation Church International, and New Nation Church, Kampala-Mutungo was re-planted right there in Esther's home. Additionally the apostolic calling on Minister Alex Sokiri was officially recognized as he became one of the Apostles of New Nation Church International. 

India 2015


In 2015 during the middle of April, Apostle Todd Cataldo travelled to India and was later joined by his wife Ruth about mid-way during this ministry trip. Ruth's visa was very delayed causing her to arrival to be delayed by about a week. The long journey from and back to California was broken up overnight layovers in Singapore and then a day's rest in Hyderabad, the capital of the Telangana State of India, where, and later Ruth were met by local Pastor Kanna Babu and his brothers Ajay and Vijay. During this stop, we got to enjoy our first taste of the local cuisine, including frogs and a mind-boggling array of various meats and curry dishes and the last bit of air conditioning before we went on to the Rural District of Khammam and the town of Tallada where the Kanna's family, home, and church awaited our arrivals. The hospitality of Kanna, his family, and the people of the church and local area are like none other. Every home we visited offered us food and drink and sometimes money which we donated back to the local church. We could not believe the portion sizes they fed us and and our plates were never allowed to get even remotely less than mounded with food. 

The primary purpose of this ministry trip was to do a final, in person evaluation of the ministry that Pastor Kanna and his father before him had established in Tallada to make a final decision about affiliating their congregations with New Nation Church International. Pastor Kanna had already passed our ordination examinations and was also to be ordained by Apostle Todd during this time. With the evaluation of the congregations successful, New Nation Church International welcomed five new congregations in India into our church family and Pastor Kanna was announced as the National Director New Nation Church of India as we have continued to launch several new congregations together there. 

We had the most amazing and powerful times of ministry together as we preached the gospel all over the Rural Khammam District, including into two tribal regions where the tribal people are considered under the repressive Indian caste system to be so low that they are not even human, as well as into neighboring Andra Pradesh State. During our ministry there hundreds of people came to faith, hundreds were miraculously healed of everything from cancer to fevers to heart conditions and inability to conceive, people were set free from demonic influence, and we even were able to baptize several new believers. 

UK, south sudan & uganda 2013/2014


This trip was originally planned to primarily take place in South Sudan, with a short time in Uganda, and
a few days in England, primarily as an extended layover as the team travelled from the USA to East
Africa. As departure time drew near, fundraising lagged behind, and it was hope that additional funds
could be raised in the first leg of the mission in Shrewsbury, England so that the team could continue on
to Uganda and South Sudan. It turned out that this was God’s protection over the team, as they would
have been flying into South Sudan as the first shots of the civil war were being fired.
The team remained in Shrewsbury for the duration of the mission and served with various forms of
ministry at Holy Trinity Belle Vue, Shrewsbury through the Christmas season and into the New Year,
leading Christmas services, a New Years’ Day Prayer Walk, prophetic ministry and more. It was during the
prayer walk that the Holy Spirit spoke independently to both Todd and Ruth Cataldo that this town in
the West Midlands region of England, near the border with Wales, would one day be home to a
New Nation Church International congregation.

Oceania 2012


In 2012 a team from NNC, Concord team went to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia with an unplanned return visit to Fiji on the way home to the USA. We travelled with only one possible contact in New Zealand, not really being sure what the Lord had in store for us, but we had heard clearly from the Holy Spirit that we were to go! The Lord connected us with some wonderful people in Fiji and we ministered to a local youth group and prayed for and encouraged many local church leaders. We are very excited about future plans for New Nation Church International in Fiji.


We found New Zealand and Australia both very beautiful, yet spiritually challenging places. We are praying for God to truly breakthrough in these nations.

North America 2011

In Summer 2011 our apostolic team once again partnered with Romine Ministries for a mission to Guatemala and El Salvador. While in Guatemala we prophesied, preached, and prayed in many local churches. We also taught and ministered to the children in the La Isla neighborhood of Guatemala City.

In El Salvador, all the team members were featured teachers at a prophetic ministry conference for church leaders throughout the region. We also preached and prophesied at local churches.

The whole trip was a really powerful time of ministry, with many salvations, miracles, and lots of breakthrough for the people we ministered with and to and also for all the team members.

Europe 2010

In Summer 2010, our apostolic team went on an exploratory mission trip to the following countries: France, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Aland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, and Luxembourg.

While there the team prayed for the nations they visited, shared the Gospel with the people they met, and brought encouragement to local churches and believers they met along the way.


We heard from the Holy Spirit about future church planting efforts for New Nation Church International, particularly in Sweden, Norway, and Poland and we hope to see this come to fruition soon!

Uganda & South Sudan 2010

In March of 2010, Ap. Todd was called by Pastor Wandera Dickson to intervene in a leadership crisis that
was occurring at New Nation Church, Kampala-Mutungo. This was also an opportunity for Ap. Todd to
finally visit Pastor Alex and New Nation Church, Wudu in South Sudan and minister to the people there.
The leadership of our congregation in the Kampala had become quite dysfunctional and Ap. Todd
implemented a change in approach for those serving that congregation to be called ‘Servants' instead of leaders because the struggle for position had become problematic, and also to establish the requirement of completing College for Global Deployment training for anyone who desired to be in a leadership role, along with several other reforms to address various problems that the congregation was wrestling with.




Following this, Ap. Todd travelled by plane to Juba, Sudan (now South Sudan) where he was met by Pastor Alex Sokiri and together with their host for the week, they travelled by Jeep for eight hours along land mine ridden roads to Wudu, in the far south of the nation. While there, Ap. Todd visited the U.N. resettlement centre where they were helping arriving caravans of South Sudanese people resettle in the land that most had not seen since they were children. Several caravans, each with hundreds of people,  arrived during this time, and more were on the way. Food was very scarce, as there had not been much farming taking place for long enough during the civil war as the vast majority of people had fled the war torn area. With hundreds of people arriving every week, month after month, there was a very real threat of famine until food production could eventually increase enough to meet the need. Ap. Todd remembered (with the help of the Holy Spirit) that his grandfather had taught him how to prepare sun-dried fruit, and the elders of the town held a meeting to discuss this idea and were very excited to allow this to go forward with Ap. Todd teaching the local people how to dry the mangoes which are very abundant in the area, and preserve this important food source to help sustain the people during the lean season when mangoes are not ripe. They are still drying mangoes today!

Several church members who had worked as school administrators and teachers in other nations when
they had been refugees, set up New Nation Nursery School and New Nation Primary School at the church. The school grew rapidly grew to over 200 students within a few months. Ap. Todd and Pastor Alex preached on the local radio station, in church meetings, and at the U.N. compound to the staff and returning refugees. The entire trip was incredibly fruitful.


ASIA 2009











In August 2009 a team from NNC, Concord and NNC, Kampala partnered with Romine Ministries for our mission to Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Taiwan. We served local churches, schools, orphanages, and ministered to the first graduating class of the College for Deployment in Mae Sae as they were launched into ministry as pastors, church planters, and other ministry roles amongst the hill tribes Northern Thailand and boarding nations. Due to the reality of persecution of Christians in various areas of Southeast Asia, we cannot share photos from this trip in order to protect the identities of local pastors, ministers, and missionaries in the field.

We crossed the borders into both Laos and Myanmar to minister to orphans in 1 of 4 children’s homes operated by the Bible College ministry. We brought love, medical supplies, toys and lots of hugs!

One of our team members was a Registered Nurse who set up a mobile medical clinic and performed medical screenings on the students and provided much needed medical supplies for the students and orphans. An exciting aspect to this medical mission was that as our RN diagnosed health problems the team was immediately available to minister healing prayer!

Africa 2008


In 2008, New Nation Church, Concord in the USA sent a team to Kampala, Uganda to officially welcome New Nation Church, Kampala into our church family.  Pastor Wandera Dickson hosted a Pastor’s Conference where we shared the vision of New Nation Church International with pastors from Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, D.R. Congo, Burundi, Zanzibar, Zambia, Rwanda, and Tanzania. From this conference, we selected Pastor Alex Sokiri to launch NNCI into his native Sudan (now South Sudan). Our team from NNC, Concord was joined by a team from NNC, Kampala to minister in Kenya to children, teachers, and administrators at local schools and preach the Gospel at outdoor meetings where over 200 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 


Teams and ministers from New Nation Church of the USA have since ministered in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda multiple times.


The humanitarian need in Africa is immeasurable! New Nation Church International now has multiple congregations in South Sudan and Uganda and a Nursery School and Primary School in Wudu, South Sudan. Our congregations are made up of mostly local people who are an active part of their community and most live in the every day reality of extreme poverty, corrupt societies, and wars. As part of the community, we have a responsibility to demonstrate the love, hope and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This desire to bless in this region gave birth to our ministries One Little Child that facilitates sponsorship of orphans and impoverished children in the communities where our congregations exist, and also Refugee Redeemers which provides practical assistance to refugees of war, natural and man-made disasters, political and social upheavals.

Then I will sow her for Myself in the earth,
And I will have mercy on her who had not obtained mercy; Then I will say to those who were not My people, ‘You are My people!’
And they shall say, ‘You are my God!’ ”

-Hosea 2:23 (NKJV)
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