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New Nation Church International originated when the church’s founding apostles travelled on a mission trip to Kampala, Uganda in the summer of 2006. It was here where it was confirmed through a prophetic message by a local Pastor named Apollos, that Ap. Todd Cataldo was to start a church that would minister to the nations.


Later that year meetings with interested people were held to discern the vision, mission and purpose statements for NNCI. As these organizational meetings continued, the governance, by-laws and formation of a legally recognized non-profit church charity were formed and registered in Contra Costa County, California, USA.


The first congregation of New Nation Church International was originally called New Nation Church of Central Contra Costa County, later changing its name to New Nation Church, Concord. That congregation held the first church service as a house church on February 3, 2008.

The following month, the first congregation in Africa met in the Mutungo District of Kampala, Uganda, also meeting in a home.


Since NNCI’s early beginnings there has been tremendous growth internationally. Partnerships and training of new ministers from various parts of the world have resulted in NNCI planting and affiliating additional congregations in India, South Sudan, Uganda and the United Kingdom.

NNCI has experienced a great deal of change and growth since our original house churches in the USA and Uganda, and we anticipate continued growth through training up ministers and church planting around the globe in God’s timing.


Further information on the history of our national churches and congregations can be found on our 'Congregations' page.

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